PADI & TDI Technical Dive Sites

At Horizon Divers, we offer customizable packages for Florida technical diving at more than 100 dive sites. One of the only technical diving facilities in Key Largo, Horizon Divers is the premier PADI, TDI, and IANTD technical diving facility in Florida.  We provide everything you need to make your dream adventure a reality. Horizon Divers has everything you need for a great technical dive, including training, custom charter trips, and equipment sales and rentals. With some of the best wreck dives in the word, our long compression divers can explore a variety of wrecks, including those at 180 to 300 feet. Contact Horizon Divers for more information our technical diving classes, dive sites, and scuba training. Check out our trip report for the latest tech adventure.

Technical Dive Sites
Spiegel Grove 65′-140′
Eagle 70′-110′
Duane/Bibb 70′-130′
Doc deMille 90′-150′
Northern Light 150′-190′
Whistle Buoy Wreck 180′-220′
Scott Mason-Chaite 200′-260′
Queen of Nassau 180′-220′
Vitric 290′-300′

Choose Horizon Divers! As one of the only technical diving facilities in Key Largo, Horizon Divers provides everything you need to make your adventure a reality. Our experienced and knowledgeable crew work as a team to support your extreme diving experience. Your safety, along with your enjoyment, is our top priority. Our highly trained staff can serve as safety divers and technical guides, if needed. Custom blend Nitrox and Trimix fills are available in either our rental double AL 80cu tanks or your own personal tanks. We offer a full range of rental equipment. This includes, double AL 80cu tanks, AL 80cu and AL 40cu deco/stage bottles, back gas regulator kits, stage regulators and N-19 Silent Submersion Scooters. All of the gear needed for your technical gear kits also is available for purchase. For those divers that have always wanted to stay down longer or go a little deeper to explore your favorite wreck or reef, you have come to the right place for your technical training. We offer a wide variety of training from Intro to Tec all of the way though to Trimix. The Advanced Wreck Penetration class also is available. We offer technical level classes from PADI, TDI and IANTD. Click on the link below for class descriptions. PADI TEC DIVING TDI TEC DIVING